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    „Perfect practice makes perfect performance”

    CPA is a future-oriented education institution offering a broad range of courses, concerning close protection, marksmanship and tactics. As we started beck in 2015, we decided to connect our experience and knowledge to face the future of security industry. We strongly believe that each Close Protection Executive deserves a solid education and a realistic preparedness for his/her duty. Now we are increasing our efforts to provide such an opportunity for every serious and ambitious security professional who is willing to develop his/her skills and capabilities.

    We also believe that the best Close Protection training program can be and should be affordable. Ask yourself a question: “are you ready to boost your qualifications?”

    Our mission is to provide professional education, practice development, knowledge sharing and advocacy for new standards of Close Protection services.


    We provide Close Protection Officer services for a specific person, place or threat. You will get highly experienced, discreet and professional CP agents that will help you overcome any immediate security difficulties. We offer 24 hour corporate security service in Warsaw, Poland that is: professional, flexible, reliable and cost effective.
    Our people are trained and vetted security officers whose training conforms to quality assurance program before being employed by CPA. Due to all recent regulations, we are entitled and prepared to use lethal and unlethal force in case of danger but our job is to avoid all the risk.


    VIP security operatives are also highly trained in surveillance and they are accomplished in multiple vehicle moves and defensive driving techniques designed to protect high profile clients. Operatives are available either for full physical protection or to act as a deterrent, providing second-to-none private security to ensure that you and your VIPs remain safe at all times.


    Course objectives:

    We wish to provide you with a holistic approach on the future Close Protection challenges. Our mission is to prepare our students for making appropriate tactical and operational decisions and taking immediate action. We want our students to master their intellectual and physical capabilities. We emphasize the importance of analyzing and planning, technical proficiency, emotional intelligence and tactical awareness. Our CPO program is focused in particular on helping you grow as a professional security services provider and change your mindset. We strongly believe Close Protection Officer nowadays is a highly educated problem solver and security advisor highly, insisting on self-development individual.

    This program aims at assisting you in challenging yourself in multiple dimensions and – as a result – helping you engineer and develop smarter solutions at your everyday service. It is designed only for high-potential and highly motivated CPO’s who are willing to become professionals. If you are one of them, feel free to join!

    Remember: there is no such a thing like perfect procedure or tactics developed once and forever.

    The requirement are:

    • No criminal record
    • Valid proof of a negative COVID-19 test or a „vaccine passport”
    • At least 18 years of age
    • Private insurance
    • Complete physical, mental and social well-being
    • List of items to pack for the course:

    2 pairs of tactical pants, MMA gloves, notebook, towel, sleeping bag, sportswear and personal belongings.


    We have established our training program according to the CPO industry recent surveys, our individual experience and international best practices.

    The area of security is multidisciplinary and holistic. That is why we offer the new model of quick learning technics to make the whole process efficient. We focus on practical skills using active learning and workshop formula. Each of our participants is an exceptional and unique individual. This diversity translates into an extremely fruitful learning environment. We believe that when everyone shares their knowledge and experience with others, everyone benefits from it.

    The training itself is very intense because only constant pressure can make find out who you really are.

    If you can perform under pressure, you cannot perform at all…








    rounds ammunition


    Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced close protections officers with a military and law enforcement background from Europe and USA.

    This program aims to deepen and broaden your existing knowledge and skills in a way that it can be put into practice. We want you to be ready for any kind of crisis situation.


    CP shooting and tactics; Operational procedures; Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Hostile environment, Cybersecurity, SUV security driving, Mapping and route planning, Use of drones, Hand to hand combat, Social psychology, Weapon handling and much more.

    The priority of the PROCEDURES module is to teach students how to create and improve security procedures on an everyday basis.

    The primary goal of the training program is to prepare students to react and act in a very efficient way, according to law regulations and international security best practices and make them aware and responsible for usage of lethal and unlethal force.


    CPO BASIC: 1800 EUR total (training, ammunition, food and accommodation included). After having registered you have to pay the full amount at once, just to be sure your place is booked.

    COMBINED FIREARMS: 700 EUR total. Intense practical and dry fire training session with pistol (GLOCK 19, 17, Sig Sauer) and rifle (AK and AR platform) 500 rounds of ammunition. Face 2 face with former special forces instructors.

    Our team will also help you with picking you up from the airport (Poznań, Warszawa).


    1. Fill the registration form
    2. Fill the short questionnaire will get in response
    3. Pay the half of amount
    4. Stay in touch to discuss the details


    19-21.11.2021, Combined Firearms, Poland


    Firearms training

    We are going to focus on defensive handgun tactics. 20 hours of dry and live fire training and 500 rounds of ammunition is aimed to improve your skills. At the very beginning we will find out what your limits are and for the next few days we are going to push you through it, improving your manual skills, speed and accuracy. The training program consists of five general modules:

    • Shooting one hand only
    • Shooting on the move
    • Target transition
    • Low light drills
    • Basic rifle training

    Cyber security

    Did you know that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error? At the same time, on average, only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected. There is no need to prepare an ambush if one is able to achieve his goal by cyberattack. Right? During our training, we will go through the basis of this topic to teach you how to think like a hacker does.

    General topics:

    1. How to secure your laptop and mobile
    2. What kind of tools and communication app’s should you use
    3. OSIT techniques
    4. How to detect cyberattack
    5. Data retention – do it right
    6. What kind of MFA methods should you use?
    7. Best practices


    Unmanned aerial vehicles are getting more and more popular. Our goal is to show how you can use them for your own security plan. At the same time we will wonder what kind of threat they really are…

    The training includes:
    – introduction to new drone legal regulations
    – presentation of min. 3-4 types of drones (multicopters, airplanes) of
    different weight categories
    – min. 2 UAV instructors
    – possibility of flying drones manually/with GPS under instructors’
    supervision (min.1 battery – 15 min/person)
    – presentation of possibilities of drone with thermal camera
    – planning and conducting autonomic flight for monitoring/control

    Hand to hand combat

    We teach how to deal with unarmed and armed opponent and how to survive a fight with multiple attackers. As Close Protection Agents we need to obey the law. That is why punches or not the only solution. We teach our students to attack all the pressure and week points like: eyes, knees and neck. Our trainings are intensive and realistic – that is true, but there is no other way to become a hard target. You do not have to be top fit at the beginning but we want you to train hard and make progress. Remember – Your biggest asset is your mindset.  Soon you will discover that mental training is far more important than physical.

    Hostile environment

    We are going to begin this module with an online Route Mapping for Executive Protection Professionals. During this course, we will demonstrate and teach you, step by step, SECFOR’s  5-part route mapping system. This will allow course participants to see exactly what we are doing, and you will utilize what you can to augment your existing mapping skills.

    Next step is the preparation for Advance Work. Quick hhreat and risk assessment, Nuances of solo operator perations, Soft skills and much much more.

    Tactics and procedures

    The primary goal of this module is to prepare students to react and act in a very efficient way, according to law regulations and international security best parcticies.

    The priority  of this module is to teach students how to create and improve security procedures on their every day basis.



    Just fill this: form and wait for further instructions. You will be asked to answer a few questions and to transfer a half amount.


    It lasts 11 days. Arrival at July 11th. We gonna pick you up from the airport (Warsaw/Poznań).


    Except broadening and gaining practical knowledge it could lead to a better work position. You will be also able to make a lot of valuable contacts.

    This program aims to deepen and broaden your existing knowledge and skills in a way that it can be put into practice. We want you to be ready for any kind of crisis situation.

    Our certificate is not to give you the opportunity to put something impressive next to your name. It is to gain practical knowledge that will help you to be professional Close Protection Officer.


    We can not guarantee you finding a new job although some of our graduates will take an opportunity to work with us.


    Yes, 1800 EUR is the total price. You need to pay for your flight and insurance only. The price includes also 3 separated certificates confirming your skills in: Close Protection, Mapping and First Aid.


    Professional experience is not a must but it will help you to finish the course.


    1. Fill the registration form above

    2. Fill the short questionnaire will get in response

    3. Pay the half of amount by PayPal

    4. Stay in touch to discuss the details


    +48 692 455 580

    Bank account: BZWBK 951090 1258 0000 0000 2502 3839